StephenMinistry3Stephen Ministry

Overwhelmed? In need of peace? Unsure what to do?
Searching? Lonely? Struggling? Lost your joy? Hurting?
A Stephen Minister could help.
There are times when every one of us experiences difficulties in life……God never intended us to go through those experiences alone.

Stephen Ministers are members of Pines Presbyterian Church who have received 50 hours of caregiver training and are ready to meet with you ~ privately and confidentially ~ on a weekly basis to listen, care, encourage, support, and remind you of Christ’s caring presence in your life.  The Pines Stephen Ministers are here for you. We will walk alongside you on the journey as a caring friend seeking God’s healing hand in you life.  Whenever you have the need of the supportive presence of a Stephen Minister, please call Barbara Retzloff at the church (713)467-2234.


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